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Chuck & Elainie - Friends

We met Jason and Janet in our early college years and we’re going on 15+ years of
truly blessed friendship! We have been through so much together, celebrating the
victories and supporting each other through life’s curveballs. We have two children,
Sophia is 7 and Chase is 2, who undoubtedly love and adore their Uncle Jason &
Aunt Janet. Jason and Janet have played a pivotal role in our children’s lives and
development. They attend sporting events, school events, celebrate milestones,
babysit, and most importantly, they PLAY with them! They show our children such
love that melts your heart. We have seen Jason and Janet go through the turmoil of
infertility with the medications and needles, the hope of it working and the sadness of loss.
At each encounter with our children, our hearts ache because we wish so badly they could have the one thing they want more than anything…a child. Jason and Janet will make absolutely wonderful parents and will provide a loving home filled with hugs, kisses, giggles and laughter. They have great jobs to provide for their child and they have an amazing group of family and friends to share the joy of their family with. Jason and Janet are both, by trade, educators as Jason is a Dean of a College and Janet is an Elementary School Teacher. They both have dedicated their lives to supporting the academic and social growth of many younger people over the last decade and a half. They will surely bring their experience at work into their home to provide an atmosphere where learning and growing are placed at the forefront of their child’s development.

We cannot wait for Jason and Janet to become parents and we hope to bring as much love and support to their new family as they have to ours.

We cannot overstate the love and care that Janet and Jason show to every person that they come into contact with and have thus built a life filled with a solid and vast support system of people willing to help them at the drop of a hat. We are truly fortunate to have them in our lives and consider them family.


To whomever chooses this couple to adopt your child: you cannot find a couple more suited to provide your child with a nurturing, loving, educational and supportive environment.


To Jason and Janet: we love you both and are here for anything you may need during your journey into parenthood.


Love always,

Chuck and Elainie

Doug - Friend & Jason's Colleague

 It Is my great honor to write a letter of support for Jason and Janet.  It’s been a
pleasure to know both since they arrived at the college where I am a professor and to
continue that relationship through the start of their relationship and now to when
Jason is a colleague.  I’m the parent of two boys, one in college and one nearing the
completion of high school.  I know well the challenges that come with being a parent. 
So too do I know the characteristics that people must have if they’re going to provide
a loving home for a child that will nurture development.  When I think of Jason and
Janet I think of something my wife said when they announced their engagement.  She
said “You know what, they fit perfectly.”  That is so true.  The two of them make an
incredible team.  They share humor, respect, support, understanding, and love of the
other.  It’s evident after being with them for five minutes.  They are selfless and not

selfish with the other and have put the dreams and aspirations of the other in front of
their own whenever needed.  They make what anyone would consider “a great team.”  To me this was evident long ago.  It’s been wonderful to watch their development from student to professional.  Both are incredibly well respected by their peers and have become very important to the schools they serve.  As well, in their capacity working in education they have seen how important it is for children to have positive and caring role models from the first day of kindergarten to the last day of college. 
When I speak to Janet and she tells me about her work I can tell how much she cares, without judgement, for every child at her school.  You can’t “fake” the compassion and caring and patience that comes so naturally to her.  As well, I have seen Jason show a level of compassion and dedication to our students at my college that is
tireless and he always goes that extra mile to help those students who don’t reach out when things get tough but need it most.  Any school, any college, would be better if every professor, teacher and staff member showed half the dedication and caring that Jason and Janet show every day.

I should also mention that these are two people that have surrounded themselves with a circle of friends and home life that would be the envy of anyone.  It isn’t built upon the richness of material items but upon happiness and friendship.  Sure, they have a nice house and cars and material possessions, but they come from backgrounds of hard working parents and they appreciate everything they have earned.  And most of all, they appreciate the friends in their lives.  When I stop by their house it isn’t uncommon to see friends there with their own children and everyone has a smile on their face.  In fact, Jason and Janet have been the “go to” babysitters when their friends need it most and on more than one occasion I’ve told my own sons if they need a helping hand to call them when I’m travelling with my wife.  Their home is stable, and happy, and supportive from all those around them who share their friendship.

Let me close by saying two other things.  My own sons are at the ages where they don’t need guardians or godparents.  If they did, I would reach out to Jason and Janet first.  I can think of no one better to raise my boys.  Lastly, while Jason and Janet have kept their situation private for the most part their closest friends know the heartbreak that the two have felt as they’ve tried to start a family.  Anyone can understand how wrenching the bad news has been for them.  But throughout it all they have held their heads high and stayed positive.  I admire their spirit and how they have held so tightly to the other.  But, it doesn’t surprise me at all.  Nor does the opinion of EVERY person who knows about their struggles trying to start a family because EVERY person who knows says the same thing; “It’s so unfair, they’d make perfect parents.”  They would.  In a world where children need parents who will love them and raise them perfectly, I have no doubt that Janet and Jason will try to do so every single day.

Karen - Janet's Cousin

Janet is my cousin however we grew up as close as sisters would. Our mothers are
sisters, and we are a very close-knit family.  We grew up together within blocks of each
other and shared all of our childhood together.  Upon first meeting Jason, I knew that
she had met her soulmate and they were meant for each other.  Janet is the godmother
to my first born; and when all three of my children are with them, the joy is so evident
it breaks my heart that they do not have children of their own.  They are so perfectly
suited to be parents:  both have deep-rooted family values; both are established in
careers that revolve around nurturing children; both exude love to those around them. 
They have a wide circle of family and close friends, giving them an excellent support


Janet and Jason amaze me in the manner that they handle their infertility problems, as well as the way they tackle any situation—always looking to the “next step” with a positive attitude.  Their desire and determination to share their love and grow their family is evidence of their commitment to each other.  A child added to their family would flourish and receive all the love and support possible in this world.  Janet and Jason would give 110% of themselves for their child, as a parent should.

Jamie - Friend

Jason and Janet have been a part of my family's lives for 8 years now.  I first
met Jason in the summer of 2008 while working for the YMCA at a program
that was held where Jason was working.  We hit it off immediately, and
have been best friends ever since.  It wasn't long before our two families
became synonymous with one another and over the past 8 years, we have
done everything together; summer vacations, concerts, hanging at the
beach, holidays, weekend projects, family functions, and weeknight dinners
are a normal routine.  Our children, Lee and Emma, look up to Jason and
Janet as family.  In fact, they are known as Uncle Jay and Aunt Janet to our son (our daughter is still a newborn). 


Finding words to describe Jason and Janet are difficult for me.  I don't believe I possess the vocabulary or the craft of writing to explain the kind of people they are; my heart bleeds for them in their quest to have and raise a child.  Though Jason is 6 years younger, I look up to him as if he is my big brother.  In fact, if you polled all of Jason's friends and co-workers, you would find that consistent message.  He is loving, gentle, firm, smart, caring, and is a passionate leader and role model; the kind of person a father would love his daughter to marry.  Janet compliments Jason as best as any person could.  She is nurturing, understanding, super smart, witty and has a genuine love for life.  Whenever I need an answer to something, Janet is my "life-line."  Together, they make the perfect pair and I am so happy to have them in my life.


To sum up my feelings, I'll simply say that if anything were to happen to my wife and I (knock on wood), I hope they will continue to raise my son and newborn daughter as their own.  I wouldn't want anyone else but Jason and Janet to be parents to my most precious possessions.  I love them both and hope that they will have the opportunity to give their love to their own child - the same love they show me, my wife, and my children.  


With lots of love,


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